Lower production costs and weight reductions up to 35% can be achieved with this concept compared to a metal reference bucket. The weight reduction allows for an increased payload, reducing the operating costs of the total machine combination up to 10%. Field tests show that wear of the composite structure is not an issue and fill factors up to 200% (heaped) are possible.
This innovation will reduce weight and manufacturing costs, ultimately resulting in lower fuel consumption and in service costs. This concept can be applied to a wide range of tools in the construction equipment sector, which opens a complete new field for composite applications. This innovation was developed in cooperation with several end users by The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) of The Netherlands under the authority of ICO BV, with Gurit Ltd as composite material supplier, SME VABO Composites as production partner and Kuiken NV as distributor of construction equipment. The development of this bucket was supported by Compoworld.nl.