Airborne Composites

The agreement covers the opening of a branch of Airborne at the Composites Manufacturing Technology Centre of NLR, which is part of the CompoWorld Incubators in Flevoland. Airborne’s ambition is to extend their product range for the aerospace industry and is looking for a closer cooperation with NLR in order to enhance their competitiveness. NLR will make available facilities and capacity for technology development and the first series production. The cooperation will carry the name “ANTC”, Airborne NLR Technology Cooperation.

Fokker Landing Gear

The letter of intent involves the joint development and maintenance of a facility for industrial research and experimental development in the field of automated manufacturing processes for thick-walled composite landing gear components. These components are manufactured by means of resin injection. Fokker LG has internationally a leading technological role with regard to the application of composites in so-called ‘primary load carrying structures’ of landing gear.