7-11 September 2015 TU-Delft

CEAS 2015 will be a unique opportunity for aerospace industries, academia, organizations and associations to communicate, share and debate innovative concepts and technical solutions in the aerospace domain. CEAS 2015 will promote the establishment of knowledge and technical networks with the aim of increasing European competitiveness in the field of aerospace. Participation from all major nations involved in aerospace across the world, a wide exhibition area, special sessions on selected topics and specific actions to facilitate students’ attendance will make CEAS 2015 one of the major European aerospace events.


Innovative multistage co-bonding processes and assembly techniques have led to this robust and cost effective bucket for a wheel loader. Combining the advantages of glass fibre reinforced composite materials with the strength of metals rendered this light weight optimized hybrid solution.

Fokker Landing Gear and the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory will create a manufacturing facility for composite landing gear parts, targeting qualification and early production capabilities.

Fokker Landing Gear (FLG, Helmod, the Netherlands), part of Fokker Technologies and the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) have signed a letter of intent for the creation of highly automated and state­-of-­the-­art manufacturing facility for composite landing gear parts at the NLR in Marknesse, the Netherlands. The signing ceremony was attended by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr, Henk Kamp.

Today, 11 March 2014, NLR and Dutch company Airborne Composites signed an agreement at the JEC Composites exhibition in Paris. In addition, a Letter of Intent has been signed between NLR and Fokker Landing Gear. Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs also visited the NLR stand today. Participation in the JEC exhibition takes place in the context of the Partners for International Business (PIB) program. The program focuses on increasing the market position in France by promotion and knowledge exchange in the field of composites and engines.

Situated in North Flevoland, the foundation stimulates and facilitates a climate favourable for high-quality composites (thermo hardeners, thermoplastics made of dry fibres) in which innovations in the field of high-quality composites can develop from primary research to production via industrially applied research and development programmes with which businesess can convert the accumulated knowledge and expertise into commercial projects.

This makes CompoWorld a unique initiative within the Netherlands.However, CompoWorld is not aloneand there are several complementary initiatives in the Netherlands.CompoWorld will work pro-actively to establish cooperative projects with these other initiatives.